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I don't know your situation but most back surgery involves metals.

It takes 2 dissimilar metals to make a battery in the body. A local lady had pins place in her neck. They reacted with her dental work. She has since had several teeth removed and part of her jaw dissolved. Doctors and dentists are clueless.

The nerve pain is unstoppable, like a little tazer always on. So my wife tells me. The root of a filled molar dissolved in about four months. She had titanium staples 3 separate operations. When she aroused from the first one she said "they left something metal inside me." Took 3 years to discover the cause and make them remove all the metal implants.

Some may be more prone than others. One test is to tape a Jefferson nickel to your skin. Do you react to nickel after a day?

Are diets low in saturated fats causing bad backs?

Free includes debt-free!