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If we rate the debate based

If we rate the debate based on audience applause, Ron Paul wins yet again.

I actually made note of each time the audience applaused during that debate. I only counted significant applause and not very minor applause that quickly goes away. Also, I did not count applause to jokes about Obama, either, simply because any of them on stage could have jokes about Obama receive applause plus the jokes really tell us nothing about the candidate.

Anyhow, after tallying the rounds of applause during the debate I came up with the following:

Ron Paul: 19 times applauded
Michelle Bachmann: 13 times
Rick Perry: 11 times
Mitt Romney: 10 times
Herman Cain: 10 times
Newt Gingrich: 9 times
Rick Santorum: 9 times
John Huntsman: 5 times

In addition, there were some boos:
Ron Paul: 2 times while correcting Santorum on why we were attacked
Rick Perry: 1 time when it was mentioned that he had given tuition subsidies to children of illegal immigrants
John Huntsman: 1 time when he said it was a treasonous comment for Rick Perry to say that you could not secure the border

Anyhow, it definitely seems based on applause that the audience is in Ron Paul's favor! :-)