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Recruited to be neighborhood watch over a tarp.

Miss Elizabeth Warren, former Chair, Congressional Oversight Panel on TARP, was a Harvard University Professor. She asked a lot of honest questions. Raised a lot of honest concerns. She was subsequently appointed to the newly created, Chairman of the Congressional Oversight Panel on TARP (a citizen watchdog commission). She watched a tarp. The tarp covered the banking toxic assets of 2007 infamy. Not much to see. The banks listened politely to Miss Warren. Then they continued about their nefarious ways. Answers from banks shed little light.

Prof. Elizabeth Warren question Turbo Timmy.

Elizabeth Warren Makes Timmy Geithner Squirm Over AIG and Goldman Sachs Bailouts 6 minute testimony

    Topics covered include: Auto Haircuts & Bailouts; Bank Bailouts including AIG @ 100 cents on the dollar.

    Miss Warren asked repeatitively simple questions about "who got the mone?"

Prof. Elizabeth Warren & Bill Maher, The Usury States of America 4 minutes

She was stumped when asked by many, including Bill Marher, Poitical Humorist. Please enjoy this primer on Miss Warren, interviewed by Bill Maher:
3 minutes

When you are done reviewing this material, I hope you will come away with some new found respect for Miss Warren & bemusement about the formidable tasks she faces getting simple answers to simple questions.

Simple overview of the whole mess...
Elizabeth Warren Explains the Financial Mess in Terms Anyone Can Understand! Squawk Box, CNBC, 2009 10 minutes

1794 - Present:

  • Every ten years, boom & bust
  • 1930s bust - Depression regulation
  • FDIC, Glass Steagall, 1933
  • BCCI bust
  • Eron, dirty books
  • Repeal Glass / Steagall
  • New rules coming? Certainly.

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