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Texas Delegates

On my facebook page today I saw this message:

Republican Party of Texas
"Today is the first day to file for Precinct Chairman in Texas! If you are interested in stepping up to lead your neighborhood in the battle to reclaim the White House, contact your County Chairman and file for this grassroots leadership position!"

If you're in Texas, this is it. This is where you start. This is the place to go. This is the thing to do.

They linked to this page:

It's a good start, but for Texans (how it's been in recent past), the real thing starts the Day of the Primary.
On that Day:
Register Republican (Here in Tom Green, you can "register" the day of the primary even)
After the polls Close, Go Back
Attend meeting, become delegate to County Convention.
If nobody's at your meeting, congratulations, you're probably the new Precinct Chairman.