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Ditto, very powerful!

We need to burn this to disc and pass it out on the college campus and street corners, the under 10 min is perfect as an introduction to him, maybe make a cd or DVD of your 3 or 4 favorites (what if is one of mine) and pass them out. Put a sticker on them of links to this as well as other sites (paulflix, etc.) As well as a sticker to share it. I would put this video first on the CD/DVD as an introduction. I ordered 1,000 copies of the Ron Paul liberty recut for .80 each and have been passing those out, and I know I am changing hearts and minds ( stickers on the cover and DVD). My rule is to give one to everyone who says hi to me, (as well as many who do not) I am also getting people who have converted to pass them out to their friends as well.
We can do this without the media! We are the new media!
God bless America
Born Again Patriot

God Bless America land of the free!
Born Again Patriot