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Comment: There you go again. Descending into the facts!

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There you go again. Descending into the facts!

Fact is fact. Sure enough. I know my knots. I know my rigging. What you are referring to is in deed & fact... suspect. Very much so.

I rounded up two lady sheriffs! Shelia Blair, FDIC & Elizabeth Warren, Consumer Protection. They are appointed & paid to be ever vigilant, watching for & removing bad rigging. What more should I do on such short notice? Go long?

"High Noon" is drama. Terrorizing drama (says so in linked original movie promotional trailer). Drama about even the best intended sheriff gets little support from well meaning town folk. Go take a look at the Elizabeth Warren "dark alley" film I linked above.

When you come to see theater, check your facts & coat with the hat check girl in the foyer. Settle down & enjoy the show.

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