Comment: Cliff dive! Oh, what a sight! Dive today, pretend value away!

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Cliff dive! Oh, what a sight! Dive today, pretend value away!

    Comex Expiry: Thieving, the old fashion way, since 1974.

Impending Gold & Silver Mine Expiry September 17, 2011
Impending Gold (GLD) & Silver (SLV) iShares Expiry September 17, 2011

Gold & Silver on excharges are seen temporarily as worth less. Prices dive a percent or two from time to time. Be it sudden... abrupt... seemingly cataclysmic.

Then, prices will likely recover. A sharp "V" drop & rebound just occurred. Gold & Silver both scampered back up the cliff to dive again. A short term recovery will likely occur between market open, September 19 & close, September 22. Then, the Comex will likely see to it that the Gold & Silver spot prices take a few dives to clear in-the-money options out of physical delivery dreams.
PS: Comex Gold & Silver options on supposed physical delivery expire September 27, 2011.
Gold future contracts started US trading on December 31, 1974, timed to coincide with lifting a 41-year ban of owning gold by US citizens. -
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