Comment: several red flags = fake:

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several red flags = fake:

  1. It not new or unique, but very likely a crop of this footage mirrored (I think known as the naudet footage), as the penthouse & smoke plumes are on the wrong side of the building. Why do such a thing?
  2. A most unnnatural shaky cam filter was applied, as you'll notice it move up, down, left, or right, but always orthogonally, never rotationally. Anyone who's held a camera before before knows humans near-invariably rotate things when they hold & move them. Only a machine (or an algorithm) could effect such orthogonality.
  3. To obscure the fact that this isn't unique footage, we are zoomed in, then blurred to hide the absence of more detail that would accompany a genuine zoom at the time.
  4. The same silly gunshot sound effect is heard repeatedly. I bet someone looking through the freesound library could download it.
  5. In addition to sounding the same, all the explosions look the same, though the variable insides of the buildings would at least make each slightly different. For example, one might last longer that exactly one frame, or not be heard at the same time the purported explosion reached outside visibility, if the camera's far away.
  6. Lastly, there's a freakin UFO added in! Come on!

Searching for this video on YouTube reveals similar clones of it have already been uploaded and taken down for being fake.

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