Comment: I love this comment from the comments section

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I love this comment from the comments section

Somehow I just really enjoyed this person's comment.

"Wow, it's amazin how much sense he makes. Why have people ignored this idea? It makes as much sense as my neighbor mowing part of my lawn because its close to his and he has the mower out already, and when I see it, I am happy cause I dont have to mow it, and it makes me want to do something nice for him, so I give them a loaf of banana bread I made."

posted by genevievefortruth

Now I am not saying that we should do good deeds for other countries without their foreknowledge or pre-consent, but it does go to show that if we treat others well, they have an inclination to return the kindness.

This same principle applies when you treat someone badly, they are inclined to return the ugliness, usually escalated.

Me, I'd rather have the banana bread.