Comment: Great Message, but ....

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Great Message, but ....

The Message was great, and I'm glad that he made this video.

But Ron Paul looked too somber, glum, and unhappy. An unsmiling delivery like this really doesn't work too well. This is exactly what got President Jimmy Carter in trouble during his debate against Reagan (and also during his Energy Conservation speech which became known as the "malaise" speech). Carter looked unpleasant and irritated during the debate the whole time, while Reagan looked affable and "likeable". It wasn't that "there you go again" was any kind of witty comeback, or brilliant line. It wasn't. In fact, in academic circles Reagan would have been penalized for such an amatuer response. But that line worked in that context because the political theater was already working against Carter, and working in Reagan's favor. This was because Reagan looked confident, while Carter looked haggard and annoyed. The body english created the feeling of a Reagan advantage, when ironically Carter's charges were factually correct (the Social Security Trust Fund was defunded/raided by Reagan) -- but facts unfortunately seldom matter -- it's the perceptions that count.

So Ron needs to loosen up a little bit here. Give this same address but do so in the same way the John Kennedy would have.

"Confident and unafraid we must labor on: not towards a stratgey of annihilation; but towards a strategy of peace."

--President John Kennedy, June 1963