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Not Quite!

Yes, a good speech that makes intellectual points, but he is still appealing too much to people's rational minds. The fact remains that a hell of a lot of people vote with their heart and their gut. I know Paul is different, but would it hurt him to say in that speech that he LOVES this country and he and you and everyone in it would be much PROUDER Americans to lead by example instead of force. So that people around the world want to BE us, instead of FEAR us like it once was early last century. And also mention that we can still have a mighty military and a DON'T MESS WITH US attitude without being aggressive? A gentle giant, if you will.

He is so close to convincing people that his message is what they really want, but it doesn't quite nail it. He has the right message, but he needs to get at people's emotions and pride in this great country!

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