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No disrespect for non disrespect, but oh yes...

Oh yes... this was not a great video. It was only good. And only very good to the people that already love Ron Paul.

Yes, these are serious times, but are you kidding me? Leaders are supposed to be inspirational. People look to them to see the light. Unfortunately, most people who vote, vote for fairly superficial reasons. They don't pay enough attention. They take in sound bites and quick images and compile a notion - a gut feeling of the leader they want.

If we were not voting for people, but for speeches, I'd say his speech might win the election, but most Americans are looking for strong, confident, positive, energetic leaders.

This is sadly why Perry swooped in so easily. He's got all the superficials and he just had to co-opt a lot of Dr. Paul's well-thought-out policies and talking points to make himself appear educated. Does anybody really think he knew anything about the Fed until he started to contemplate a run for the Presidency (and the compulsory book). He probably learned most of what he knows from Dr. Paul's books!

Oh, and I don't know how Ron is doing it. Keeping up with his insane campaign schedule and all. It's easy to criticize his looks, but I would probably look more haggard by now than he and he is more than twice my age!

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