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Insane World

The world is insane,Bandrig! and Ron Paul and his supporters are part of the collective unconscious who have now awakened and are seeing the truth of how the world operates. Now that we are awake, we are continually astounded that others do not see whaqt we see and understand what we now realize as truth. This is where compassion, faith, courage and persistance must play their parts as they are still in dreamland caught up in the matix of lies that keep all of us enslaved. Although we are trying to save them along with ourselves, until they awaken they are still the enemy. But this is, and will change, our movement is reaching critical mass, where the majority will awaken too, or be left in the dark. So we must never waiver,stay the coarse, speak the truth,and never compromise your principles. This is TRUE POWER! This is the gift I have received from the good doctor. Ron Paul awakened me to the truth, as bitter as that pill was to swallow. He got me reading and learning and growing, teaching me what it means to be human and an American. I have grown so much... I will be eternally grateful to this great man..

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle