Comment: PREEMPTIVE (peace) ATTACK.

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It seems so unfair that a dignified man like Ron Paul has to stand with nincompoops and answer questions framed by dimwits. The agenda is fixed, based on some assumptions. At one debate some neo-zion puppets leaked some booos. Ron Paul is a courageous man, he is putting up with this nonsense for a greater and noble cause.

I think Ron Paul gave this talk for "Mutually Assured Respect" after much contemplation and prayer. It is somewhat similar to - but many times better than - the lengthy speech Obama gave at Cairo University, in the first few months of his presidency. Obama sounded fake and it was proven so by his later actions, = the surge in troops and killer drones.

We are living in tough times, a lot of mischief is spouted /projected by MSM. Responsible folks are concerned, many nations are scared, urban property is losing value, prices of essentials (food & fuel) are rising, the economy is in recession, opportunities for gainful employment are lacking, - so many are jobless.
Human hearts & minds are agitated, there are protests /riots in many cities.
Even Earth, water and wind seem displeased, we often hear news of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, wild-fires, hurricanes, tsunami, etc.
It seems the managers of the system are aware of all these happenings, and the movie "2012" depicts all of these things occurring, and bigger disasters are expected.
I did not have to type all the above, most on DP are aware folks, observing - and exchanging notes.

Surely, Ron Paul's radar is very much "on", he had sensed the looming threats years ago, when most people were not paying attention. He had been ringing the alarm bells. These days the most obvious and urgent threats are mainly from the war-mongers. He realized the elections are a bit far-off, something had to be done sooner, therefore he had to advance the items on his agenda. Hence he launched this message for Peace & Goodwill, which he has aptly named as "Mutually Assured Respect". Removes distrust. Prevents war.

This Call to the world is like a Preventive Attack for Peace, he is Not waiting for the inaugural speech of President Ron Paul. He visualized, and now recognizes that he is on the world stage (let corp media ignore reality), he has launched it thru the video & internet. Someday his words will have to appear /or will be repeated on the MSM.
Hopefully, his words will prevent further wars.

When I first saw the video today it had 300 views, now its 12,700 +. That is great, circulate it more. Deprive the war-mongers their excuses. Let the demons huff & puff.