Comment: One person at a time.

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One person at a time.

THIS IS HOW WE WILL WIN. It seems everyday at least a small percentage of people here, and on other forums, and social sites open the eyes of somebody they know or just met. The exponential growth to Paul's support isn't and shouldn't be surprising. Think about the math here, we'll go with the number of paul supporters on facebook. 500k if each of these people manage to grab 3 more voters and open their eyes to paul every month until the election, which is in what like 4-5 months ? and each of the new recruits, gets at least two people on their own... the number will be staggering overtime. just with the simple math , 500,000x 3 x 5 =y , y x 2= Z so lets do the math. 1.500.000 x 5 = 7.5 million x 2 = 15 million. THAT is quite the number.