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Updated. :)

ALL UPDATED. :) Please distribute.



1. THURSDAY 3-5:30pm - Faith & Freedom Event The Rosen Centre Hotel. (FREE) Dr. Paul likely to speak at unknown time. Doors open for rally at 2pm. It's free but it appears they want us to register ( Typically if there is room, and there may be at this time on a Wednesday afternoon, they would let people join them in my opionion.

2. THURSDAY 6:00-8:00pm - SIGN WAVE TO SUPPORT DR. PAUL on International Drive in front of the Orange County Convention Center directly across from the Rosen Centre Hotel (where we had all 3 Florida Liberty Summits, not the Rosen Plaza). Come for all you can. Signs provided if needed but please bring your own if you like. Should get media coverage. Will Dr. Paul stop by for a few minutes before he preps for the debate? He is scheduled to at least drive by and wave at us minimum on his way in. The word is we inspire him when we do this before debates. Parking? Your call. Free at the Rosen Plaza (1 block north), $10 behind the Rosen Centre, and $13 right there at the Orange County Convention Center.

3. THURSDAY 9pm-11pm - Fox/Google Debate. Tickets are sold out. Doors open at 6:30pm and seating is first come/first serve, registration appears to close at 7pm, doors close at 8:30pm and the debate starts at 9pm so better to get there early to be safe. Yes, this means many of us will leave the sign wave early but it is only about 100 yards across an open area to the entrance to the "South Hall" entrance where the debate is.

4. THURSDAY 8:00pm-2am Fox/Google Debate Watching Party w/Dr. Paul appearing post-debate at Backstage @ the Rosen Plaza (Not the Rosen Centre!) 9700 International Drive Orlando, FL RSVP: NO COVER, FREE PARKING (including free valet), CHEAP DRINKS, 18+, LIVE DJ, LOTS OF RON PAUL 2012 DECORATIONS... and of course the man himself.


5. FRIDAY (time undisclosed) - Private Breakfast with Dr. Paul $500 RSVP:

6. FRIDAY 8:30am-10:00am(+?) - FREE & OPEN 'MEET & GREET' with Dr. Paul in Jr Ballroom G @ the Rosen Centre Hotel ($10 parking). RSVP:

7. FRIDAY 10:30am - Dr. Paul's appearance at the Tea Party Hospitality Suite at Halls # 38 and #39 2nd Level of the Peabody Hotel (room holds 150+ people) Free and open as well. Many Tea Party groups and the Florida C4L are cosponsors. RSVP:

8. FRIDAY 1:45pm - Cheer on Dr. Paul at CPAC FL. Tickets are cheap. $45 for adults, $80 for two tickets, and $25 for students ( Onsite check in & registration available.

PARTY OPTION FOR FRIDAY NIGHT: FREE (with delegate credentials including 1st drink) Party at the IceBar sponsored by the Sarasota GOP. A very 'cool' place close by.


9. SATURDAY - VOTE!!!!! BEGINNING AS SOON AS THE LAST CANDIDATE SPEAKS AFTER LUNCH SOME TIME - Vote for Dr. Paul at Presidency 5. You must already be a delegate which was $175. Congrats if you are one. BE SURE YOU ARE THERE. CAN YOU IMAGINE MISSING THE VOTE?! Make sure you are in tune when the vote begins. Ask around or just be sure you are there from lunch time on maybe. Again, check.

10. SATURDAY 8pm-? AFTER PARTY at Universal CityWalk for free entrance and discounted drinks with delegate credentials. Let's hope we have some nice results to celebrate. Or, we may meet to party nearer. TBD....Red Brick? Alehouse?

Note: Questions and/or updates to any errors or omissions are welcome. Please post away and/or e-mail me privately at Also, please repost this in your local groups and e-mail to those who might like to see Dr. Paul during his time in Orlando. It's not often any area gets this many opportunities to spend time with him.

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