Comment: Expanding on the "The Myth of Consent" fallacy:

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Expanding on the "The Myth of Consent" fallacy:

The term "Tyranny of the Majority" is often used to describe how in a democracy 51% can rule the other 49% without their consent. Since this site is dedicated to a man on the national stage, let's look at some statistics (notice the root "statist"... interesting...) from the 2008 presidential election (all figures rounded off to millions):

According to figures from the U.S. CENSUS BUREAU (a corporation registered with Dun & Bradstreet):

1. There were 225,000,000 men and women of "voting age" in America in 2008
2. Of those, 206,000,000 were United States Citizens
3. Of those, 146,000,000 (71% of #2) were registered voters
4. Of those, 131,000,000 (64% of #2) voted in that election
5. Of those, 63,000,000 voted for Obama (30% of #2, 28% of #1)

So what we have is not really a "Tyranny of the Majority" at all, but rather the attempted rule of over 70% of Americans by less than 30%. Looking at it this way only makes "The Myth of Consent" even more ridiculous.