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Settle down, people. Newt is

Settle down, people. Newt is about as soul-less and phony as they come. Check out this excerpt, from the link below, indicating how Larry McDonald felt about Newt -- the same Larry McDonald whom Ron Paul called the most principled man in Congress (before he was assassinated with the shootdown of KAL Flight 007 in 1983).

"In 1981 this writer asked Georgia Congressman Larry McDonald for an evaluation of the rising Republican star from his neighboring 6th District. His reply was surprising at the time. Newt Gingrich, he said, was a devious and ambitious politician masquerading as a conservative and not one to be trusted. Gingrich had gone out of his way, Dr. McDonald said, to obstruct and to undermine support of conservative members of Congress for some of McDonald's legislative efforts. This was particularly disturbing since Rep. McDonald was the most conservative member of Congress by virtually all rating systems and would have been a natural ally of Gingrich if Gingrich were truly conservative. In July 1983, the Conservative digest compared the voting scores of the leading conservatives in Congress based on ratings from the American Conservative Union, the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, the National Conservative Political Action Committee, and the New American's only Conservative Index. Congressman McDonald topped the list at a combined 98.3 percent. Congressman Gingrich weighed in at an anemic 77.5 percent.

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