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At first glance

At first glance, I read your comment and thought you were just looking for attention. Then again, Ron Paul has slept in my home, so I guess it's just a small world. (-:

Let him know briefly that you want to ask him something. (i.e., prep him for a political question at his convenience.) Tell him you feel that the media is marginalizing and outright lying about him and Paul. Say you're working with the Paul camp, but you feel that he, Paul, and just a few others are standing up for what Republicanism truly means. Finally, say that while your support is with Paul right now, you want to express your sincere appreciation for his diplomacy and ability to stay on target.

If he wants to talk more, he will. Just speak your conscience then. If he wants to know more from you, then he will want to know the honest truth.

That's just a guess. My experience is not horribly extensive, though I've met a few "important people". If he's worth talking to, then he'll make himself available once he discovers that you're worth talking to. One consistent fact in the liberty movement is that the very best are also completely humble. They don't have any holier-than-thou attitude, though they may seem that way for lack of time and for having to deal with many straw men and sycophants.

Michael Nystrom's fists can punch through FUD.