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Comment: Here's where they lose it

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Here's where they lose it

"The larger story, when the books are written, will be how Republican leaders in Congress appear hell-bent on returning the nation to the economic crash that began under the last Republican president, as so many recessions and depressions have begun under Republican leadership."

The last Pub president??? You mean, W???

Brent Budowsky actually things THAT'S what Ron Paul has been talking about doing??? Pardon me while I laugh and vomit at the same time.

No Brent. Ron Paul does not want to return to W's economy or any other economy for that matter. Paul does want to return to a commodity-based currency (probably gold), but Paul does not want to completely return to the early 1970's economy. Instead, Paul would employ Austrian economic theory.

How bloody hard is it to understand that Paul is a Mises Austrian economic disciple? In fact, it is not hard to understand this. However, Brent and no other candidates don't really want to discuss Mises, because it threatens the status quo economy.


This is classic bait and switch. Bait you with some truth, then switch logical explanation with agenda-based bull squeeze conclusion. "Derrrr, Wepubwicans follow Wan Paul...Paul want...ummmm, [to handlers, "what do I write here?"]...W's economy....ummmm, that economy failed...yep, Paul want economy to fail."