Comment: Good Luck With That

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Good Luck With That

They think that not unconditionally supporting Israel is not blessing Israel and is therefore unbiblical and wrong... moreover, they think that Jews and Christians are a force for good under God and that Islam is a force for evil under Satan (I'm being serious here). To them, taking a non-interventionist approach towards the middle east is to grant Satan a victory and to ignore Gods' calling.

Plus, there's the fact that many believe we are in end times and the final battle is close, this is why there is so much sabre rattling against Iran.

As I said, good luck, I've tried and failed many times to convince others that these beliefs are false and unChristian. (though I have convinced a few) You may convince a few also, which is a good thing, so I'm not trying to disuade you. I'm trying to prepare you for the reality of what you're up against: very strong religious beliefs.