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Comment: My sister and her friend are perfect examples ...

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My sister and her friend are perfect examples ...

My sister and her friend are perfect examples of the 'pro Israel at any cost' block in this country. And apparently its a powerful one.

Both of them are evangelical Christians. My sister just hopped on a bus to NYC for the UN assembly to protest against US support for Palestinian state.

Took the friend to help her buy a car today. Along the way, the subjects of national debt, economic collapse, globalism, the Fed, and even gold / sound money came up ..

... she was agreeing with me the whole way .. and then added at the end of a sentence "... and this country will also pay for not supporting Israel"

And there it was. Plain as day. It doesn't matter to her or my sister what the Israeli government does. Their actual actions in the real world, and any consequences of those actions for any people are irrelevant.

Israel is Holy Bible land. The Bible says so. Israel and that government are holy holy.

So therefore God will punish anyone who is not on their side.

I sat there in the car and said nothing at that point. There was no point in pursuing the conversation further.

For the record: personally, I have very little use for 'religion'. It's not my thing.

But I am Jewish by descent on my Mom's side. My ancestors and cousins are full of 'Goldberg's' and 'Fatlowitz's' and 'Shapiro's' and etc.

I'm not the only one in my family that sees the Zionist government for what it is: Just as dirty, shady, and corrupt as any other State on Earth.

People are people where every you go. And sorry ... but no group of people, government, or religion is free of the psychopaths and bureaucrats that always rise to the top and perpetuate evil on everyone else