Comment: That's a PC method which puts a bandaid on a gapping wound.

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That's a PC method which puts a bandaid on a gapping wound.

The method I use is exposing the hoax. The question I start with, that gets their attention is, why they don't support the Palestinian Christian's who guard and preserve the Holy sites of Christ? Is it your plan to support their elimination, and have the Jews control sites they don't believe in? And, just where in the New Testament where Christ says to war and kill people who have done no harm to you, but to kill in the defense of the Pharisees? Then I ask, do you know where this concept of Zionism came from? Of course, they will say it comes from the Bible, but I will reply, show me where. They can't do it, or will point to Genesis or Romans, which only pertains to Jews who are obedient to God's law, and must accept the Messiah. The New Testament says followers of Christ are the 'Israel of God'.
They need to be told to research Cyrus Scofield and the Rothschild's, to understand the teachings they have been taught are deceptive fabrications. The Zionist theory is taught by the use of the Scofield Reference Bible, that was created to deceive Christian's into idolism of Israel and away from the True teachings of Christ.Ask them if they are supporting who Christ refered to in Revelation 2:9 & 3:9.
Also, tell them to research the Talmud, which is the revered book used by rabbi's in Israel, not the Torah.
This is a difficult task and depending how receptive they are, regulates how much I throw at them in a single setting. Some have to be chipped at and some will want it explained, but the results have been promising. The tougher ones confide with their minister, who was trained by the Scofield Bible and who have amassed wealth by selling this hoax, whether naively or greed. Some you have to use Dr Paul's politically correct relations towards Israel, which in his case, is the only option.
However, like with the Fed and it's hold on the economy, unless the Zionism hoax is exposed, our interventionist foreign policy will not change.
Also, Jews and Christian's should research Theodore Herzl and Rothschild, to see the initial theory by Herzl, was a political solution for a Jewish homeland, and many other options besides Palestine were pressed.