Comment: Interesting observations.

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Interesting observations.

Interesting observations. People who oppose Ron Paul's foreign policy apparently agree with the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama foreign policy of undeclared wars around the world, and the resulting loss of freedom at home. If people think this is a viable foreign policy, there is probably not much you can say to them.

Now as to Christian Conservatives thinking that Islam is at war with their religion, where were they fifty year ago? Was Islam at war with Christianity then? I don't seem to recall anyone saying that. It wasn't until our politicians got us involved in the Middle East that radical terrorist groups began attacking us.

The idea that Islam - all Muslims are attacking all Christians is pure globalist propaganda. Politicians have used hatred to control people for centuries, and attacking Islam and Muslims in general is a very effective way to justify sanctions, bombings, invasions, and the theft of oil for the big oil companies.

The Israelis have the same right to live in peace as the Palestinians do. The problem is caused by two factors. the Government of Israel and Palestinian terrorists. If these two factors were removed, the Israelis and the Palestinians could live in peace. But as long as the Israeli government bulldozes the homes of Palestinians and treats them as second-class citizens, and as long as Palestinians get involved in terrorist activity, there will be no resolution to this conflict.

Notice also, the participants represent a small minority of both factions. But it doesn't take a large group to create hatred and resentment.