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In my opinion at the moment,

In my opinion at the moment, it is better to have a dead end job than a dead whole self. I think you should take any job you can get at a hotel or big restaurant and say you are an apprentice to the chef or something. You can work your way up. You can stay in the US and serve people here. Maybe you can find a roommate and learn how to budget your money. You can live VERY cheap if you have to, for awhile, if you can find a roommate. War is NOT good for you to pay your bills off if you come back with PTSD or maimed or in a box.

Ps. Once I had a job that paid like $15,000 a year. Since I knew employers were not allowed to tell your salary, I told them in my next interview I was making $30,000. I got the job, but they told me they could not meet my last salary, but there would be the ability to get raises. I was started at $25,000.