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I was in a very similar position a few years ago, so I can relate. I made the mistake of joining the service when I was 19, and it's one of the few things I regret doing. Not saying you'll come out feeling the same way, but I'd advise against joining.

If you're the adventurous type, I'd say get in your car and relocate to somewhere you've never been before. If you're going to be jobless, you may as well go sightseeing while you're at it.

Go around talking up random people too--you never know who knows who and it can lead to some surprisingly pleasant jobs/experiences.

If that's not your thing, learn how to create websites, programming/coding, or even a bit of freelance writing. None of them pay very well by themselves, but at least you'd be have some FNRs coming in. (Or, you could combine the two; hitting the road with a laptop)

If you happen to live in or near a city, there are ALWAYS ways to make money. Gotta do what you gotta do, after all.

I'll end by saying that I blew off my (federal) student loan, because 1) I paid back the amount I borrowed and no matter how much I was giving them, the amount "owed" would always increase, 2) they kept "losing" payments, contrary to what my bank statements would say and 3) they've stolen enough of my hard-earned money as it is.

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