Comment: if your going to the Mil,

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if your going to the Mil,

if your going to the Mil, then AF is the way to go. Deployments are 3-6 months versus Navy and Army 9-13 months.
SINCE you are here, and somewhat awakened, it depends on your mental strength to tolerate the buisiness of the US GOV. Airforce by far is more like a buisiness. Proffesional, good accomodations, and good duty stations, Germany, Japan, Florida, SUCKY is ALASKA.

MAY I sugguest another route to utilize ALL your skills and degrees. Join a Yacht as a chef/assistant chef. Listen, you don't pay for anything except your partying. Housing food and fun in the sun while getting paid. EVEN if you make 2500 a month, its all takehome minus your drinking. Even in bad economic times, these yachts are staffed pretty well, and I sugguest getting on with a vessel that is not for charter.

You may have to take a course STCW 95 for basic crew emergencies, which cost 400-1000 bucks which the boat might be willing to pay for.

Winter in the Caribbean, summer in the mediteranean. Think about it.

Freedom may be worth searching for.

I have given up on my fellow Americans, (not DPers) as I will not shed one more calorie trying to awaken anyone else who is not a critical thinker and does not have the inherent feeling that something is wrong.