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Join AF?

I separated from the Army 30 years ago. There were good things and not so good things. I had the opportunity to be stationed with some AF guys for a year, and it was one of the gooder things. A few things about the AF

They have an nice variety of stations.

The girls are prettier than in the other branches (personal observation, ladies!).

The AF needs cooks, too.

It will instill some measure of discipline in you, a measure of confidence in yourself, and you should also improve physically.

When Ron Paul becomes president, our country is going to need military personnel that understand that their oath is to the Constitution of these United States. Your services may be called upon to fight against our enemies, foreign or domestic. I am particularly concerned about the latter.

Get more information than our opinions, and give the issue some critical thought. Do what is right for yourself in the near-term, and one which you can live with later on. The fact that you bring it up already indicates that you are a thoughtful individual soliciting input. Best wishes on whatever you decide.