Comment: Why would you sign your life away for a "job"?

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Why would you sign your life away for a "job"?

Anything is better than indentured servitude...

Heck, I know a guy who asked a store owner if he could use a small portion of his parking lot for a car washing service... He makes over $10,000 per month.

An old neighbor of mine has ONE hotdog cart in front of a Home Depot and he makes $20,000 per month! He buys all the hot dog ingredients at Costco... It's a no brainer.

Don't listen to your parents. Be creative. Move to a friends house if you have to... Sleep on a couch! Whatever it takes to get you to do something creative.

In today's economy, nothing will be handed to you... You have to go and get it yourself. That's the only way to succeed.

The government won't help you... It'll own you and put your life in danger. Life is too precious to risk dieing at war... Stay away man!