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C-span Okinawa Chalmers Johnson books

There's a congresswoman who reads mail from raped service members on c-span sometimes in front of congress. C-span is basically the only reason I still own the TV.

I've personally known female service members who were raped. Look at the island of Okinawa where we have 4 bases. There are literally 100s of rape cases reported there a month, at committed by service members. Ever hear about the pre-teen that survived an encounter with 3 members the navy? One of them being of high rank, after raping her they threw her in the ocean and left her for dead.

Ever heard of an author named Chalmers Johnson. He was the auditor for the CIA who coined the term "blowback". Please read his books at least Blowback, Nemesis and edit your post to say "gee lies you sure like to f*** with us some times but I see where you are coming from on your post here. "