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I got that part. I wasn't talking about that.

I'm talking about the generality of it all.

None of these guys give any specific examples.

It's like looking for a needle in a stack of needles.

It makes me wonder why I should even look for a needle instead of just going buy another one.

Vague references and euphemisms help no one unless you're speaking a secret language only someone else understands. It's almost as if he was rubbing it in that he didn't want to "let the cat out of the bag" completely.

That, or he really doesn't know, and getting any more specific exposes him to being wrong.

Yes, one can make money in a down economy. Want and need never cease. The trick is learning how buying decisions change and finding ways to end up offering the comparative advantage so consumers will chose you over someone else.

But none of that speaks to people who do not own businesses or who don't have enough disposable cash (after bills and food) to "play" with by "investing" in this or that trade as an experiment.

In short, every time I hear this stuff, the way they speak tells me they are only talking to people making 100k or more per year AND who aren't already in huge debt or spending more than they earn. I've never seen any advice given to people who are stuck living paycheck to paycheck (not because they are wasteful but because they don't get paid much) and trying to avoid going under completely in a collapse.

The only advice I've ever seen that made any sense, came not from financial types, but from survivalists. The idea there is to acclimate yourself to a lower standard of living now, and get used to living in the 18th century, so that when the few creature comforts you have left are gone, it won't be a big loss, you won't freak out, and you will be able to survive, while others starve or resort to a life of crime to eat.

While some may not like it or be inclined to follow it, at least that advice is PRACTICAL and SPECIFIC. (do "this" to grow and store food, etc.)

The way this guy talks, if you don't already know, you aren't going to find out.

His message doesn't seem geared to people who don't know what to do in this case. His message seems geared to those who already know, and it is a warning that "now is the time."