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is selling christie tonight

seems like the lame street fellows failed epically with perry as perry couldn't stay off the sauce long enough to be sold as coherent and romney was already toast so that leaves a lamestreet lovefest for christie...started tonight with caputo, skinnity, most assuredly, will follow

until, well, until the American people refuse to accept him (like, already but lamestreet will still sell him for a couple of polls, maybe a primary until they, once again, show their moves like jagger and drop him like perry) at which time palin, under the ruse of civic duty, will make her grand entrance onto the world stage and offer herself to save America for us

unfortunately for the neocons, the perfect storm of the American failure happening right before American eyes will not sit well with those poor, tired, huddled, overtaxed masses in the "flyover" states who just woke up to what the duopoly did to their future

a leader will be won't be a neocon or a fascist

Ron Paul

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