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Comment: I've been doing homework for a long time.

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I've been doing homework for a long time.

I never stopped "doing homework" when I graduated high school many years ago. I never stop researching and learning.

My point was his warning doesn't seem addressed to the average Joe. Such warnings NEVER look like they are.

For once, I'd like one of these traders to talk to the People and not his buddies. It's like these folks live in some sort of bubble and aren't aware there is another world out there.

Is this information even relevant to someone who doesn't have a stock portfolio? If that's the case, then I understand now why his "warnings" seems so vacuous. They are intended for only a very specific and small audience.

What I want to know is when things look bad for this particular audience, what does that mean IN PRACTICAL SPECIFIC terms for everyone else?

As I mentioned, if one is looking for advice on how to survive a currency collapse, one can do that. But only in the context of basic subsistence issues like food, water, shelter, clothing, etc. NOWHERE do I ever see anything else beyond that. At least, it doesn't seem that such people like to talk about it much. Why can't we get specifics like the survivalists dish out from the financial hacks?

And did you mean to say "if I DON'T take his advice?" As stated, your comment seems a bit backwards.