Comment: Zionist Deception.

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Zionist Deception.

they even misinterpret scriptures (recent example = Scofield's Bible) to give themselves license to sin. Now they have people trained to edit Wikipedia who put in info that is favorable to zion, conceal the zionist's misdeeds.
The motto of their movement is ""By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War." This is on the plaque on Mossad's door. They have their members, called "sayanim", voluntary & on hire, who spy for zion in other states world-wide, they lookout for zion.

See also "Harbara", the plants worldwide, explaining the zionist viewpoint, = half-truths + lies. These trolls are mostly incestuous, and know how to keep a '$ecret'.
U$ury remains their favorite game-plan, enslave others with debt.