Comment: Now I am going to state the facts.

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Now I am going to state the facts.

Joel 3. When you read the whole of the text, who is declaring it ALL, the land, the works, and the Authorship and the deliverer of the land? The Land is a Kingdom and a Kingdom belongs to the KING. The Land was promised to Abraham's seed, which seed is Christ Jesus. Joel declares the very word of GOD, WHO is the Very author of HIS own deliverence. People do not own land, the King dispenses it as he see fit . Go to the Old Testiment and see for yourself that GOD told the Israelites how they were to work the land . All the laws and ordinances of use belong to GOD Himself, through Christ Jesus, KING of the JEW and Gentile.
Time does not permit to continue, but you better look closely to WHO authored and initiated the whole plan of Israel, and whose words you read.
It is GOD's conception and HIS Omega to finish.
Because HE said HE would do it. He promised it to HIMSELF,through HIS SON, King of the JEWs.
So anyone fighting Israel is actually fighting with GOD Jehovah. It is HIS LAND.