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"$in No More",

surely you remember these words, who said it, and in what context, i.e. right after the stoning was restrained. The judgment stands - on all of us. Those who seek forgiveness "need to repent", as you rightly mentioned above, and is very important. Therefore, the teaching was also a reminder = "Sin No More". From this we learn that those who persist in sin are hopeless, hopeless of mercy & forgiveness, they have done some weird things to their own-Self. So they canNot be helped.

"Individual Responsibility", - this is an important part of the message and movement for Liberty, and we all realize that the message canNot be force-fed to anyone. Let there be freedom of religion, and let it be tested in the free-market of ideas.

Re, - judging others. Those who persist in sin provide opportunity to others to point fingers, throw blame, specially where there are victims. The victims will blame the oppressors. This is what the history of Holocaust is all about. Now the 'heirs' of victims are collecting compensations from Germany of today, wow.
The Maseah mentioned usury as a form of robbery, it has to stop. Also the stealing of somebody's land and home is unjust. This colonization by zion has to stop. There is bound to be generational war. Where is the formula for peace? It does exist but the arrogant ones will not heed.

Recall Ron Paul's recent speech about "Mutually Assured Respect", in it is the reminder for The Golden Rule, The Ten Commandments and the message of Peace.