Comment: I'm of Israeli decent and I agree with Ron Paul 100%.

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I'm of Israeli decent and I agree with Ron Paul 100%.

Here's how his economic argument works in favor of this for every $1 spent "protecting Israel" we spend $7 on the militaries of the enemies of Israel and in turn Israel has to spend $1.4 for each $1 we spend on their enemies. We are artificially looting their currency by debasing it through constant war and it needs to stop. They would be in much better shape if we cut funding to the middle east entirely. If you work the math above that means that for every $1 received by Israel they have to spend $9.8, so for every $1 they receive they lose $8.8. The Sheckel has gone down constantly since it was made fiat about 30-40 years ago and was going down even before that because of debt accumulation resulting in currency inflation through money printing due to constant internal war (my dad used to watch war from his rooftop when he was a kid, it was everywhere in Jerusalem).

How would it unfold if we stoped messing with Israel? The US screws up the peace process there and causes the Israeli military to be in a constantly upset state as the US has overthrown every government in the region and replaced them with brutal dictators. Honestly, if the Israeli government gave us the cold shoulder and wanted to establish a peaceful society they could. I think before you throw out biblical views you should look at the exception to the rules first and how they are affected. Traditionally Israelis will send some convicts having committed horrible violent offenses to a Kibbutz, basically a large self sufficient pacifist community. I probably don't need to tell you that the Israeli system of treatment of the exception is better than ours based on state ideals and I think they will treat their Neighbors better than we have. They do not make significant efforts to hinder the activities of day to day individuals and Israelis are welcome onto the settlements and although some are poor, some of these settlements contain great wealth.

Their currency has inflated about 200% in the last 20 years if my memory serves me.