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My main contention to this

My main contention to this kind of argument is as follows.

Government helps big business capture the market and bring us all to ruin.

However, big business does not need big government. They can do it fine on their own.

A bank could very easily ask a depositor "hey, I want to invest this money in the stock market. I will give you a great interest rate if you do this. Capice? The average person is not informed. He won't know how dangerous it is he will do it, and will get absolutely burned. Even after that happens, the cycle will happen all over again. Big business owns the airwarys; they will make people believe what they want to believe.

Same with having bank deposits backed by the federal reserve. Before guaranteed desposits, people still put their money in banks. It was still susceptible to the whims of bankers. The only thing is, they did it with the consent of the people.

Wouldn't you agree that not informing the customer of the facts is fraud?

A free market only works when there is informed consent, and that is very difficult to get since the banks can even legitimately control the information streams. In fact, they do it now.

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