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"the government removed

"the government removed barriers to those loans (by letting them leverage their capital), removed regulation that was intended to prevent predatory lending, gave tax breaks to banks that gave low-income families loans...but the banks had the choice to take advantage of those things"

and the most important part you are forgetting to mention, the govt gave them a conduit to DUMP all the bad loans on the public in the form of Freddie and Fannie. This incestuous relationship between Big Business, Central Bankers and the Federal Govt has gone on FAR too long and we can see the results of govt intervention into the marketplace.

If there were no central bank doling out credit on the cheap, nor a federal govt butting its nose into the economy telling the bankers who they would have to loan money to or creating a garbage hopper to dump all the bad loans in via Fannie/Freddie the bankers would have never even MADE the loans. It wouldn't be in their best interests and greed would steer them away from doing that sort of stuff. To try and deny the MAJOR role the govt had in all of this is just hogwash.