Comment: I couldn't agree more...

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I couldn't agree more...

First off...the war is spiritual now, so there is no need take such a stance with Israel. We should not be concerned with things of this world, such as pieces of land, for He did not come for an earthly kingdom, but a spiritual one.

Second off...This is a new development in theology (John Darby in the 1800's) and I think we have to be careful with that (needing to support Israel). God raises governments and tells us to be obedient to them for He placed them there...along with it's rulers. I could pull the scripture for all this, but if you read, you should know.

So what I'm saying is this: the actual physical country of Israel was not around when the US was created/when our constitution was ratified. No where in our constitution does it say, "we must support Israel." Also, if you believe God appoints authorities and kingdoms, then you must also believe that God, in a way, is behind the writing of our constitution and therefore, nothing indicates we must do that. In fact, the framers of the constitution advocated staying out of foreign affairs, so are we going to yield ourselves to the Almighty and His working behind our constitution and the mindset of our framers, or are we going to listen to this new theology where we have to support Israel? I vote the former.

Lastly, if you think otherwise, I strongly suggest looking into (not just glancing over) the biblical, historical, and contextual arguments for preterism/partial preterism. It changed my mind and you will see why there's no need to support Israel so a third temple can be's theologically unsound.