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It reads small g, gods

He was talkin about knowing the FATHER, who sent him, whom HE shows to us as humans. No one can see the Father unless they are sinless to perfection. Christ was perfect and came down from the FATHER. No one can ascend unless they are perfect in Spirit and without sin . This is precisely what Christ does for a believer. Makes them sinless in the FATHERS EYE. HE shows us the Father, only by way of Himself.
It is called the GRACE of GOD. Grace to make you perfect in the EYE of GOD the FATHER. For the Father is the JUDGE of perfection. Rightiousness. The right to enter Heaven.
Without Christ being united to you, you cannot enter Heaven.
It's the plan GOD had to impliment to SAVE HIS creation.
John 3:16
Otherwise satan would have DOMINION over all the EARTH.
GOD could have destroyed satan anytime. This is GOD's plan to SAVE HIS creation, MAN. LOVE beyond measure.
The WHOLE premis of the Bible.
"All these things", comment was given to the Deciples BEFORE penticost as Jewish believers. The Deciples were given extra ordinary FAITH to perform miracles as this was the beginning of conversion to the inheritance of GRACE. The inheritance is, GOD within man's heart, the hope of any Glory. Greater miracles does not mean what you think.
The greatest miracle is GOD in YOU. What is revealed after is what is also greater miracles. Loving your neighbor as yourself.
It would be the end of WAR.
Heaven came down and GLORY filled my soul.
My sins were washed away and my night was turned to day.
And now HE has made a light to the World.
Did you know GOD uses candlesticks to help shine a light?