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I think

this idea has value, but RP needs to fix his skype setup.

He needs decent lighting, and a new camera. His current setup is horrible. We tried to get the campaign to let us fix it, but never heard back from them. (Benton that is)

A friend has been telling me about this thing called "iwowee" which is a high def video conferencing setup. It's like 20 bucks a month to use it, but is much better than skype.
I realize it is a MLM thing, but you don't have to pay to watch videos. It seems like you could just have 2 accounts. A sending and a receiving, and set up conferences around the country with state campaign coordinators.

I've also heard that the pArry campaign purchased this video software. IDK what they are using it for.

I don't know how potential voters would feel about video conferencing rather than personal contact, but it would sure save a heck of a lot of money and be easier on RP physically.