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Assert Force

Assert Force.
I agree with you, I would like to see Dr. Paul step forward more during these debates and show a more stronger and forceful presence then just waiting around for a turn to answer. I have recorded all of the debates and Dr. Paul usually gets about 1/3rd the speaking time as the CFR Media picks. There are a lot of people who are slowly moving toward Dr. Paul but we need more and we need them to move faster. Time is not on our side. It has taken years to get to this point and I would hate to fall short at the finish line. His message maybe needs to include a direct but simple example of what inflation really is and how the Federal Reserve profits by keeping the USA in debt. I don’t think the average person really gets it. If they did, they would be mad as hell. I would also like to see him engage some of the other candidates about their stock policy answers and call them out on their BS. With his vast knowledge of money Dr. Paul should be able to make them look pretty stupid in front of the people. He should maybe ask how many of the candidates are CFR members and explain to the public that that means “One World Government” and the demise of the USA. The other candidates talk only on the surface about the issues. Dr. Paul goes so much deeper and his message is deeper than the average person realizes. I have said this to people I know and maybe you can too if you have read the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin.
Even if you don’t like Ron Paul now…after you read this book I guarantee he will be the only candidate that you will vote for! I have just finished reading it for the third time and am still amazed at its content. If everyone read this book before the election Ron Paul would be President in 2012.
The book was published in 1994 and even as I finished it again yesterday I felt like I was reading the front page of any current Newspaper. It is incredible.

This was the opposition to RON PAUL in 2008 and why the Media tried so hard to ignore him then. They are the same organizations that own the Media and the Banks that are responsible this election season for trying so blatantly to suppress his momentum now