Comment: Tell that to FakeNews (aka FoxNews) & their FAKE POLLS

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Tell that to FakeNews (aka FoxNews) & their FAKE POLLS

and FAKE PROMOTIONS of whichever flavor is the candidate of the moment. How do you compete against liars, cheats, and thought control manipulators? Where is a Cass Sunstein when you really need him, uh huh, nowhere to be found, not that we want to find him...

The HARD RIGHT & HARD LEFT parties know the masses don't have the money to compete with the billionaire pockets they've got--Soros & Buffett, etc. etc. Their smug superiority and snobby ways should leave the masses realing.

I agree. Strike while the iron is hot. But, when you have 24x7 BIG MEDIA ad nauseum, how do the masses compete with the slander, BLATANT ignoring, etc. that they do constantly, especially on FakeNews?

THE CAMPAIGN.........SUES for defamation of character. Improperly comparing Ron Paul to other candidates is morally wrong, but the campaign needs to move on this and get that attorney I mentioned before.

He is a famous attorney who put a STOP to all the bad publicity of Howard K. Stern, remember? His name is L. Lin Wood, as follows: