Comment: I know Ron wouldn't want to sue, but this is why we should~~

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I know Ron wouldn't want to sue, but this is why we should~~

We should sue the MAJOR NETWORK, FOX NEWS, & maybe others (in some cases) for slander & defamation of political character, because we can prove they hand select their polls to slant the audience towards the candidates THEY have pre-selected. Polls have been taken down after one evening. That's only one example. There are many others, including the nasty remarks that Carl Cameron spoke the last election, the slanderous remarks from many of the pundits, and the preferentially picked STRAW POLLS to pump a candidate (by ignoring Dr. Paul's CALIFORNIA Straw Poll WIN & pumping Herman Cain & his Florida Straw Poll win into the announced "frontrunner" status). Extremely unfair & slanderous!

And, another example comes to mind. Slander that Dr. Paul is NOT a PATRIOT. How many times have I heard THAT suggested on the networks?

We have ALL THE DOCUMENTATION. I believe we have a case.

The important thing to relay to Dr. Paul is that this would be a "first", and it would be a MAJOR WAKE-UP call to FakeNews & other networks.

Please pursue this very important claim, for the sake of the people of the United States.

L. Lin Wood, this HIGH PROFILE ATTORNEY, esperienced in defamation litigation, I believe, would consider taking this case, because it would be absolutely riveting nation-wide and a FIRST. With all the proof, he may or may not believe he could win the case, but I do believe he would seriously consider it.