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I think one of the biggest

I think one of the biggest reasons they haven't had any breakout moneybombs so far this time is A) it's still early out B) there's no clear polling averages for Paul, but most of his supporters like to place him in the top 3 (when it's really more like top 5), and C) they see the campaign actually doing well with the ads this time that they don't think they need to give money.

The last one is huge. Remember the god awful ad campaign and strategy they had in Iowa and NH last time around? Most people donated to those twin mega moneybombs simply because they thought the campaign could use the infusion to go out and do a better job.

Now they're finally doing it THIS cycle, but they're dropping the ball on some of the littlest things. So yeah, these frequent demands for money are a bit annoying IMO, especially to the people who've already donated several times.

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