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Comment: Aid & Abet Terrorism,

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Aid & Abet Terrorism,

Is Not or Will Not The US-Govt be held responsible for aiding & abetting terrorism? Conflicts happen because of differing perspectives or claims. For the local residents the zionist intruders are terrorists, zionist steal land and kill the inhabitants, then imports men, money & material to colonize and build on the same land. The Palestinians who resist the occupation and colonization are called terrorists. The zionists are building settlements at a high speed, and this is the reason the peace efforts are failing, - the UN, US, UK, Europe, USSR (Russia) and others have been involved to get them to a deal, but the zionist insistence to grab more land is the main obstacle to peace. Similarly the zionist want to continue charging U$ury & interest to the rest of the world.

Ron Paul has correctly emphasized "Blow-Back", and in his recent speech about "Mutually Assured Respect" he mentions about the Golden Rule, The Ten Commandments, and the message of Peace. His policy is = "No intervention and entangling alliances". He would Not aid terrorism.
The US-Govt policy is = "Whoever supports terrorism is equally guilty". They accused al'CIA'da of attacking the NY-Towers, then US attacked Afghanistan for harboring the terrorist. Under the same policy they are now accusing Pakistan, see -
Are We At War With Pakistan?