Comment: Please send this message to the campaign!!

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Please send this message to the campaign!!

I'm not happy with the campaign. at all.

Ron has to be much more agressive. He must bring up the fact that Romney and Perry supported the Bailouts. and he should say that this should automatically disqualify them. He should say let's not take risks; I'm the only one with the solid record and principles. They are just more of the same. Play on the anti-washington sentiment. The fact that their support for the bailouts has not been center stage completely baffles me.

When he talks about the Fed, he should talk about how it hurts the poor and middle class. This is the main source of its evil. He should say he will not be afraid to call out Obama on his phony altruism while he runs up the debt and lets the printing press run amok. He should say he is the only candidate with the record of consistency and vigilance when it comes to the fed, and the only one talking about alternatives.

When he talks about foreign plicy, he should not just defend himself and his positions, but say that Obama and Bush had the same foreign policy, all these other candidates are more of the same--I offer something different, something grounded in the American tradition and based on the Founder's advice; let's return to our roots. My foreign policy is the only one that makes sense given our fincial crisis and the nature of the enemy we face. Then proceed to explain why we need to get out of these wars and alliances. (also it would be nice if he asked the candidates, what would israel have to do in order for them to rethink the benfits of our alliance with them??)

I'm really getting sick of this. Yes the media treats Ron bad, but he has to contextualize everything in order for him to make progress among Republican primary voters. I wish I could talk to Ron myself; I don't know what is wrong with his campaign staff.