Comment: 100% agree, and I'm going to vent;..

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100% agree, and I'm going to vent;..

I know some people won't like this, but I am so sick and tired of Ron being a softy (or simply not letting it even cross his mind) about calling out people. It's not going to hurt him to mention Obama and call out Obama and hope we can get him out of office. Its not going to hurt Ron Paul to call out both Romney and Perry and even Cain about how they Supported TARP.

It IS NOT going to hurt Ron to not answer the question he is given at the debates at first so he can say something worth mentioning like the other 3 now "top tier" Supporting those things. He needs to be MORE AGGRESSIVE!! he needs to jab at them! HE doesn't need to insult them, he just needs to CALL THEM OUT!!

I am really tired of Ron not being more aggressive like you said... and yes, it is disappointing. About as disappointing as that RevPAC commercial.. If you want wealthy hardworking business people to donate to your PAC then make a commercial that is presidential and Formal and has authority and makes points. Not a silly cartoon that offends other people who support those candidates it insults and then only appeals to (people like me) Paul's base. You are scaring away the unlimited donations businesses and wealthy Tom!!

The campaign needs to start getting LOUD. And we the people need to be doing a lot MORE too.. We aren't guilty till proven innocent, but I do believe (not COMPLETELY) that it is somewhat our fault until it is fixed. But when the whole world is watching at a debate.. you can go out on a limb and do some of these things that we can't. Newt does it and it works for him as well, and nobody even trusts him to begin with... Imagine what a little spice could do for Paul!

You can disagree with my opinions here, and nobody is saying Ron Paul isn't a wonderful guy who has done a lot of hard work in his life, but the fact of the matter is that the poster I am responding to is correct. We need Ron to be bolder during the large public broadcasted events! And it is the campaign's responsibility to motivate him in these directions!

We're going to win.