Comment: I can't help but think,

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I can't help but think,

if Ron Paul would start to assemble his potential cabinet people, like The Judge as VP, or Chief of Staff, the media would be forced to cover these people too. This would multiply Ron Paul's media coverage several times over, plus, with respectable spokes people lik the Judge, Ron Paul's credibility in the "brainwashed American mainstreet" would also grow. All the establishment candidates are scrambling for endorsements from other establishment candidates to do what? Validate and expand their media attention. Well, I don't think many establishment politicians are going to step out and endorse Ron Paul. It just isn't going to happen, for fear of party reprisal. So, Ron needs to go out and pull people into his movement. Heck fire, Jesse Ventura is knocking on the door, and the campaign acts like it's nothing. Not cool.

alan laney